Why Waze works for Restaurants


0 %

of pre-visit restaurant research is done via smartphone

0 %

of all U.S. adults consume fast food on a given day

0 %

of Waze users enjoy proactively learning about and visiting restaurants

Branded Pins

A branded pin will appear on the Waze map, making drivers in your area aware of your location and keeping your messaging top of mind. Showcase a new location or one where competition is strong.


Sponsored Search

Using sponsored search will allow your locations to be prioritized over similar brands, as well as appear when drivers search for relevant terms.

Stand out amongst other brands, leveraging targeting and expansive search terms.


Zero-Speed Takeover

A zero-speed takeover serves a more active message when a driver comes to a complete stop, in which a specific action such as 'Save for Later' can be taken.

Grab Wazers' attention with engaging creative about a specific promotion or product offering.


0 %

of all trips to restaurant chains take place on Fridays and Weekends

0 %

of Wazers are more likely to visit a restaurant after seeing an in-app promotion

0 %

of Wazers would visit a restaurant either the same day or within a week of seeing an ad on Waze