MyCommunity.Today on Eve of Launch: A Conversation with Founder and CEO, Dr. Sai Agahi

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 23, 2021 — MyCommunity.Today Inc., a privately held technology company focused on development of hyper-local, interactive social media and e-commerce platform is days away from its premier launch. Local Marketing Solutions Group caught up with CEO and Founder, Dr. Sai Agahi for an interview on the eve of this new social interactive network launch.

Question: As you approach the launch and look back – what was your biggest insight or inspiration for developing MyCommunity.Today?

Agahi: This is a tough question to answer. I would say for all of us there is a place or community we call home and everyone belongs to many different communities and groups defined by shared geography, religion, ethnicity, income, interest, or experience. We are a part of a community, and the community is part of us.

However, there are some frustrating moments that happen in our communities and we have no interactive means to engage with that community and to connect to share experiences and build a better understanding of the issues, avoid miscommunication, and solve dilemmas. MyCommunity.Today is designed to organize, engage, build, and sustain relationship in and with the community.

Question: How do you define a “Social Interactive Network”?

Agahi: A Social Interactive Network enables new ways of informing yourself and interacting directly with content. The content could be a person, a product, a service, or a local store. Users will be able to dive deep into content and interact with it in real time and with other users of the community through Voting & Polling, Questions, Quizzes, Betting, Rating, and more.

MyCommunity.Today will provide a human touch to digital communication and evolving the social network to social interactions.

Question: Okay, how does this differ from typical “Social Media” as we know it?

Agahi: MyCommunity.Today is about building relationships that matter. It’s not just about status updates, selfies, and photo sharing, but about establishing, growing, and nourishing our relationships and working together. We make creating and sustaining relationships easier and more fun! Our forward-thinking social interaction network lets you connect with your friends, groups and local businesses on a more personal level with interactivities such as voting, polling, questions, comments, ratings and more.

Question: Great. A substantial part of the launch is focused on local businesses and organizations…describe what’s in it for them?

Agahi: MyCommunity.Today is specifically designed to allow local businesses to better engage and promote their products and services within their local communities. Many small local merchants have suffered greatly due to COVID19, so we are providing them with an innovative interactive social media and e-commerce platform to help them grow their business. They will have access to deploy Mobile specific and tailored solutions that plug into thousands of local consumers ready to interact and buy.

Question: Any parting thoughts you want readers to take away?

Agahi: MyCommunity.Today is a true community engagement platform and the most effective vehicle for local merchants to promote their product and services. Period.

This interview is being spearheaded from a strategic alliance with Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc.

“We believe MyCommunity.Today’s unique Mobile App As A Service (MAAS) offering will truly enhance local merchants’ brand awareness, resulting in increased merchant sales and revenue. We look forward to seeing this breakthrough technology platform being adopted by all local merchants throughout the U.S.” said Al Croke, President and CEO of Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc.

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About MyCommunity.Today, Inc.
MyCommunity.Today is a grassroots community technology company with the mission to improve people’s lives by increasing their engagement in the activities that enhance their local community. It also provides a community centric, interactive social media & E-Commerce platform, specifically designed to allow local businesses to engage and promote their products and services within their local communities using MyCommunity.Today mobile application. To learn more about MyCommunity.Today and its solutions, visit the Company’s website at

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