MyCommunity.Today Introduces Enhanced User Experience for Merchant Mobile Apps and Consumers

MyCommunity.Today Inc., a privately held technology company focused on development of hyper-local, interactive social media and e-commerce platform, launched some major enhancements to help consumers and merchants today. This new Super App is specifically designed to allow local businesses to better engage and promote their products and services within their local communities.

Enhanced for Merchants:

  • Email notifications on orders, appointments and order status (in addition to push notifications)
  • Added ability to access the business accounts using multiple account managers from within the mobile app
  • Updated user interface for easier order and appointment management

Enhanced for Consumers:

  • New Video “Shorts” featuring local and user preferred full screen video reels
  • Email notifications on orders, appointments and order status (in addition to push notifications)
  • Public and private video channels – subscribing to popular news content or creating user own content
  • Updated icons and user interface navigation
  • Miscellaneous minor updates and fixes

“Our primary objective at MyCommunity.Today is to create an exceptionally innovative interactive social media and e-commerce platform that empowers local businesses to thrive even in challenging circumstances. Additionally, we aim to provide customized mobile solutions that effectively address the increasing demands of mobile consumers as they seek, shop, and save at nearby establishments,” said Sai Agahi, Co-Founder and CEO of MyCommunity.Today, Inc.

“For consumers concerned about the escalating prices of everyday items, our all-in-one super app offers access to extensive network of local merchants’ mobile apps, providing just-in-time coupons and deals to help them save money. We’ve now made it easier to discover and shop for nearby deals based on users preferences and locations, enabling them to effortlessly redeem offers directly from within their smartphones and save.”

Sai continued, “We pay special attention to our users’ feedback and implement significant improvements to the platform on a consistent basis. These refinements advance our efforts to optimize and enrich our shopping functionality, making it more convenient for consumers to discover and capitalize on the best deals from their preferred merchants whenever needed. Moreover, by introducing enhancements to our Mobile App as A Service (MAAS) feature for local merchants still recovering from COVID19 related setbacks, we have made it considerably easier for them to recover by offering and promoting coupons to their local communities through their dedicated mobile App and by selling their products and services using our cutting-edge e-commerce platform”.

This innovative work is being spearheaded by Local Marketing Solutions Group, a strategic partner of MyCommunity.Today.

“Recent research indicates that a majority of consumers desire companies to simplify the shopping process, including the accessibility and usage of coupons and discounts, when they need them.” remarked Al Croke, President and CEO of Local Marketing Solutions Group. “These latest improvements successfully address this need. MyCommunity.Today’s distinctive Mobile App as A Service effectively bolsters local merchants’ brand recognition and their ability to connect with local communities, leading to higher sales and revenue. We highly anticipate the widespread adoption of this platform by local merchants across the U.S.”

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About MyCommunity.Today, Inc.

MyCommunity.Today is a grassroots community technology company with the mission to improve people’s lives by increasing their engagement in the activities that enhance their local community. It also provides a community centric, interactive social media & E-Commerce platform, specifically designed to allow local businesses to engage and promote their products and services within their local communities using MyCommunity.Today mobile application. To learn more about MyCommunity.Today and its solutions, visit the Company’s website at

About Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc.

Local Marketing Solutions Group (LMSG), a holding company, was formed in 2012 by the executive management team of JGSullivan Interactive Inc. The purpose of the holding company, through merger and acquisition activity, is to continue the expansion of offering the broadest and most efficient marketing solutions to national and international brands that drive revenue through local sales and marketing channels. LMSG provides marketing automation technology and a comprehensive set of supporting marketing services capabilities, allowing corporate marketing control of brand image while facilitating dissemination of product and service content and materials for local channels. For more information, please visit our website at

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Dr. Sai Agahi
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Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc.