KMA One, Inc. Acquires Target Marketing, Leading Local SMB Marketing Provider For Chambers Of Commerce Across The U.S.

KMA One, Inc., has announced their acquisition of Target Marketing, the leading provider of marketing support for local businesses through the production and deployment of user-friendly online and printed maps to chambers of commerce and city governments.

Target Marketing has been the publisher of choice across the United States for more than 25 years. Target Marketing assists chambers in their support of local businesses through online mapping and locator functions, listings, digital advertising, and printed maps as a media/advertising source.

Target Marketing has been in business approaching three decades, serving 230 chambers across the U.S. It is the largest exclusive chamber map publisher in the country and rapidly expanding.

The company is located in Florence, Kentucky, a suburb of Cincinnati.

KMA One (KMA) is part of Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc. (LMSG) and serves as LMSG’s territory development and lead generation solution.

“Target Marketing’s focus on supporting local businesses matches LMSG’s vision to supply the nation’s local businesses with state-of-the-art marketing solutions to drive revenue growth with a measurable and attractive return on investment,” said Al Croke, President and CEO, KMA One and LMSG. “Target Marketing’s territory development and local sales channels fit perfectly with KMA’s processing and technologies. Target Marketing also shares significant synergies with LMSG’s recent acquisition of Money Mailer. Both focus solely on supporting local businesses.”

Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc. ( was recently named for the third consecutive year to the annual Inc. 5000. It was formed in 2012 by the executive management team of JGSullivan Interactive Inc. The purpose of the holding company is to continue the expansion of offering the broadest and most efficient marketing and sales solutions to national and international brands that drive revenue through local sales and marketing channels. The company provides marketing automation technology and supporting sales and marketing services capabilities, allowing corporate sales and marketing to control brand image and to ultimately facilitate use of product and service content and materials from national to local channels. Corporate brands include JGSullivan Interactive (Chicago), DuFour Advertising (Sheboygan, Wis.), KMA One (Atlanta), Webly Guys (Chicago), Godwin (Jackson, Miss.) and Money Mailer (Cypress, CA).

KMA One Acquires Target Marketing