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The MyCommunity.Today Super App is a hyper-local, interactive social media and e-commerce platform, specifically designed to build community, foster better engagement, and allow local businesses and organizations to better engage and promote their products and services within their local communities.

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We promote independent and local small businesses in the community by creating connections between businesses and community members.

Businesses can subscribe to the Mobile App as A Service (MAAS) feature to build their business by offering and promoting deals and coupons to their local communities, and selling their products and services using this integrated, state-of-the-art e-commerce platform.


Who doesn’t want to save money nowadays? MyCommunity.Today tackles the growing challenge of mobile consumers trying to find, shop and save at local businesses. Its streamlined coupon and deals functionality allows consumers to quickly locate coupons, save them, and easily redeem them all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Merchants can track coupon redemptions so they know which are most popular and manage their top sellers. Businesses subscribing to the Mobile App as A Service (MAAS) feature manage their deals and coupons, orders and sell their products or appointment-based services all from one convenient platform.


Community hub is the focal point of all local community businesses and organizations to showcase their mobile App and have an online and social media presence, so you know when and where to find the right products, services, and information you need.


Using MyCommunity.Today’s Nearby feature simply and quickly find events, places to go, things to do, foods to eat and drink, places to worship, and much more within the neighborhood, closest to you

See what’s around you from a huge variety of categories!  Categories include: Food and Drink, Services, Shopping, Things to Do, Education and more.


This Super App contains local news articles and a selection of video news clips that showcase local, national and world issues.  Don’t get the newspaper or have time to review dozens of separate news sites?  No problem with MyCommunity.Today.  Get what you need quickly and easily to stay in the know

Experience the next level of Community engagement – Download the MyCommunity.Today Mobile App to see for yourself!

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